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Gary Clitheroe

6 months ago


i am fed-up with trying to do screen shots of any kind or format for anybody as i allways have problems trying to get it done right and trying to get the exact page or paragraph. Every time i try and do this task it seems to me its complicated and sometimes i have to keep going back and forward and do other side tasks along the way in just trying to get the information across in the first place. And also to rub the salt in the site you are trying to get this work done tells you that your time limit has expired and you haven't done it in the right format and protocols and what ever other reasons they come up with. And With out telling you or letting you know if you have done something wrong in the first place in trying to do the screenshot done. Why cant some 1 simply come up with a more simplified way to do screen shots with out keep going back and forward and and back again and being side tracked to do other tasks. Why cant i simply explain the problem in a simplified way in a chat way or in a live chat way. And also download a quick fix solution to my problem when it comes to my software and computer problems.