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christina covington

3 months ago

Seniors and Comprehension of Tech and Mobile Devices

My close friends and family are over 60 and they all have a problem with change. If anything requires an update forget about it. Repeating myself has no effect. Many times over I refer them to manuals, guides and youtube videos. Every aspect of any gadget with a screen is just difficult. I need advice. Is wanting to know how to learn how things are done and make things i create work for me, that challenging to a senior? Clicking download eighteen times and still can not find it would make myself mad enough to learn how avoid such problems. How can they learn the absolute basics of everything? Formatting, hierarchy skills, terms, commands, actions and etc.? If they were a horse and i led this horse to water,,, Do i have to accept the fact of these issues or try harder like ,,,,what? My next attempt is this windows community program. I reviewed the videos and they cover a vast number of things. sometimes i wish there was a "show follow the numbers step by step" option.