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Anne Budd

a year ago

Shoutout for Microsoft Teams 🤩

We are more than aware of the ongoing situations with CoVid19. ☹ Many people have been confined to their homes or, self isolating for their health protection. For those people who are confined (like a contributor to this platform) as an example, they are able to carry out their job responsibilities from home because many of us live in a connected world. This could not have been possible without the advancement of computer technologies to the level as they are today. Just imagine this kind of situation 20 years ago?! Having just been contacted by an individual who is working under these conditions, they expressed the opinion and I quote 'thank goodness I am able to do this'. My colleague is using Windows 10. So Microsoft please accept this person's thanks. Guys you are cosmic 😃 and so are the people using this platform, offering their help and advice to other contributors - co cool .