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ken miller

*Edited 8 months ago

Single spaced template for new doc on Word

The newest update to Office 365 doesn't have a template for a single spaced document. When you click on New Doc, you get a template with double spacing, trying to select single spacing doesn't work. There used to be an optional template for single spaced doc's, but now it's no longer available. Maybe I'm missing something, but I need to have the use of single spacing in my documents and I hate to have to use Google docs inorder to get the right template. Thanks for the help Ken Miller I just came up with the answer to my own question. I have been using the web version of Office and didn't realize. What a dummy, this happened after I did the recent update to Version 2004 in October. So, I installed the app on my laptop and don't you know I now have a choice of single spaced doc's as a template. Thanks to all who tried to help me with lots of suggestions. Ken