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Dale Miller

2 years ago

Smile, A great new innovation to make CC work with the mic..

Would it be so awesome to make a game/platform work along side with the microphone as is in using "CC" as some would know what that means, it refers to Close captions that most see on their T.V. or Roku, etc. Having this would open up a much needed device for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing world, just think that Microsoft would be the first in doing is a major plus for those who now are in a HUGE multi-player realm playing as a soldier or any team/squad games, you would be doing the deaf/HH world a huge favor, just because we can not hear does not make us any less but a unique person who is able to uses their loss as a gain in being much more in-depth in their surroundings...therefore you would open up a whole new frontier in doing so...Thanks for reading this....