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陈曦 潘

2 years ago

So hard to use the search function in File Explorer of 1909

Hi, I am a so old Windows user since Windows 3.2. I found it so hard to use the updated search function in File Explorer of 1909. 1. In 1903 and earlier, I click the search box, the search ribbon tool appear immediatelly, and I can modify the search options, like search by time/size and/or other properties. In 1909, the search ribbon tool does not come out immediatelly, I have to type something before the tools appear, and delete what I have typed to search all the files with just the modified option. It is not satisfied. 2. When I click the search box, the history list does not jump out smoothly. Sometimes it has no response, no input icon, I have to close the file explorer window, which is quite annoying. 3. The appear of address and search box are changed, they look taller than before, I perferde the slim design.