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*Edited 5 months ago

SSRS Parameters, Expressions, and Multiple Subscriptions

Hello everyone, for those of us who have used SSRS long enough to know there is no straight forward way to set up multiple subscriptions from one .dtsx (ssrs) report. We can enter expressions within design mode and whatever it is their it will either use the built in expression or a default value, but we cannot enter a new expression on the subscription screen. ~ take for example I need a subscription to run report each Monday for the previous weeks data, in addition to that I also need another subscription to get the previous months data every first of the month. Well, sometimes Monday and the 1st of the month fall on the same day so how can the built in expression we apply in design mode understand to use can't. If Microsoft allowed for us to override parameters values/expression -using- new expressions inside subscription menu, it would be cleaner than having to come up with unnecessary alternatives just to get the same report to run using different dynamic parameter values such as date ranges.