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a year ago

Thanks for the help with my New Computer!

I have it up and running! It is taking a little time getting it closer to how I want all the set points configured but I have made progress. No serious compatibility issues, yet hahaha. The i9 9900K is everything I had hoped it would turn out to be ! Linking the 2, GTX 1070 Ti, GPUs with, RTX & SLi, has lined out very nicely. I am hitting the 5 GHz speed with the CPU overclocked with the onboard AI. The Corsair H115i RGB PLATINUM CPU Liquid cooler is the one I finely went with. I did go a little overkill with the 1600 WATT Rosewill HERCULES, power supply but it does what it is meant to do and the deal I found was just right. I am going with a Samsung 250GB 3D NAND M.2 SSD for start up and Optane Persistent Memory for the built in Raid platform. Looking into getting a cooling block for the, 64 GB RAM. At least all 4 sticks are the same. I unlinked my windows 10 pro for workstation from my other PC since it is a single Volume and have it installed on the New PC but it will not activate to original in any of the 4 ways I am aware of and it can only be installed by a commercial Tech but since I have it installed maybe a regular tech can activate it! I love the Cougar, PANZER MAX, Full Case! Over all, I had a blast getting it all worked out to my satisfaction. I still have a long way to go but I am close to what I want. Overcoming the learning curve has been a challenge but I memorized 72,000 words before I became a past master, which gives me an edge on how to proceed on just about any task.