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Christy Hollar

2 years ago

The New Surface Pro 6 OMG!

I used to have a Bamboo tablet as a teenager. I loved drawing and writing on that tablet for my personal enjoyment and, it was absolutely magical to watch my art grow again; as I taught myself that I can find points in my life that I will have to start over. It was a refreshing and inspiring life lesson, and who would have thought, all this came from a tablet! Seeing the new Surface Pro 6 inspires me to obtain more goals as an adult. Almost as if my tablet 'grew up', in a sense. (Even if the two companies previously aforementioned are not the same seller...) I saw a piece of me in this new Surface Pro 6. And as distant as that piece might be for quite some time with my rather dismal budget at the moment, I can certainly continue to dream about that magical keyboard/tablet experience. It would be incredible to learn to draw again on the computer once more. I wonder what type of drawing programs it uses and or comes with, or has suggested for purchase? Does anyone have anything to say about the Surface Pro 6? Good experiences, bad, mediocre? Draw from mine if you had some negative experience, if you can. Consider this possibly as another step towards your 'grown up self', as well. :)