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Donald Chance

a year ago

Things not working right? Who can help? Microsoft Support

I was noticing some problem's with my account. Tried to fix the problem's myself however, this proved to be unsuccessful. Decided my problems needed expert advice and chose to ask for Microsoft Support. Amazed, (and relieved) to discover a team of professional's are there to help with any and all concerns you may encounter... Microsoft Support. Once you contact them, and type-in your concern, you're assigned a case number and a team member to address your concern. They keep you abreast of their progress with e-mail's to you. Most concern's are fixed for you within a matter of day's. One concern I had took roughly a month however, every concern I encountered was not only fixed but relayed professionally to ensure I understood. I had a couple that even threw the team for a loop and was informed they would address these at team meeting's to make Microsoft even better for all Microsoft user's. Personally, I extend accolades and kudos to all at Microsoft for helping end user's understand that there is an avenue to utilize that will help with any and all concern's toward making Microsoft Windows even more user friendly.