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Rudy Toth

*Edited 6 days ago

Time For A Good Joke Around Here ☀😎

Private Jet, on fire at 48 thousand feet descending. On board are 5 people and 4 Parachutes. The Pilot takes a Parachute and jumps. The United States President takes a Parachute and jumps, since he still has to run the Country. There is a Smartest Man in the World, who answers all of your questions and who answers all of my questions. He takes a Parachute and jumps. A Priest/Vicar/Pastor says to the young child: "You may jump son, I have lived my life." The young boy stated back to the Priest/Vicar/Pastor and said: "No Sir, Father. We both can jump. The Smartest Man in the World has taken my backpack."