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Michael Higham

a year ago

Tips and tricks: Command Prompt

If you're in a current directory and want to open it from Command Prompt, type "start ." (without the quotes) and press ENTER. Typing "start .." (without the quotes) and pressing ENTER opens a directory one level higher. To copy a text, highlight some or all of the text and press CTRL+C. You can then paste into any application. To paste a text from another application, press CTRL+V inside a Command Prompt window. Right-clicking inside Command Prompt also pastes a text from another application. To see the drive, path, and file location, drag a file or folder from File Explorer to Command Prompt. It will then be shown. For example, "C:\Dinosaur Land\Spring Sounds\Boing.wav". You can start programs from Command Prompt. Type the name of an application and press ENTER or type "start