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Michael Higham

a year ago

Tips of the day: Becoming an expert

To draw a selection box around a group of files, click a corner of the group, and then drag the rectangle to form the box. To start a command prompt window, from which you can start programs, click Start, type "command prompt" (without the quotes), and then click Command Prompt. You can press WINDOWS LOGO + R to use the Run command to open shared folders on other computers. You can drag the program's icon to the taskbar to make running programs quicker. You can drag a file's icon into a document, or even drag a shortcut icon into a document or mail message. You can start a Windows-based program from a command prompt window. You can copy and paste text between Command Prompt and Windows 10. In the command prompt window, highlight any text you want, and then right-click to copy the text to the clipboard. You can then paste the text into your application, such as Microsoft Word. You can set File Explorer to show or hide three-letter filename extensions.