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Juan Jose Rodriguez S.

6 months ago

Too many emails?

10-30-2020 Hello folks, During the last two or three months, MS/Windows has been sending warnings about a high percentage of emails in my box, with a veiled, or maybe very obvious, warning of dire consequences: $$$ When I opened the area/tab where it warned of a high percentage of mail, it "offered the opportunity" to purchase 365, which I definitely do not want to do. I purchased office at a set price, with the understanding that there would be no additional charges. But, in view of the threat of cancelling/negating my use of the Internet, I decided to erase as many emails as time would allow me. A few weeks ago, I erased more than 2,700 emails; two days later, the warning that I had used 96% +++ of my allotment, surfaced again. Two or three days ago, I erased over 700 emails. Once again, now it shows 94%. I think the MS/Windows agenda is very clear: to trick me into signing up for something I do not need nor want. After erasing +/- 3,400 emails, the score has only gone from 96% to 94%. I find Apple's approach to extra storage for $.99 monthly simply honest. I have subscribed to Hotmail/etc. for many years, peacefully, but now this seems like a new trick to syphon money. Since I have spent soooo much time erasing emails with such a small results, I am simply at a loss as to what to do. Suggestions, please, Juan José Rodríguez S.