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Airbus A300

6 months ago

Top 5 mistakes I have made on a PC

5. Buying flight simulator for windows 95 and expecting it to work on Windows 10. It didn't. 4. Running 106 tabs on Google Chrome, 55 on Edge, Microsoft Flight Simulator X, 2 virtual machines, and 12 Microsoft Word documents and a PowerPoint at the same time. Guess what happened I used more memory than I had and the PC froze. 3. Forgetting to scan flight simulator planes before use for viruses. I fixed it before it was too late though. 2. Trying to burn a DVD in a CD only burner. It became useless and I used it as a Frisbee. 1. Screwing up configuration files in the C:/Windows/System32 folder. Luckily it repaired the operating system.