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Dallyn Clayton

*Edited a year ago

Tribute to the greatest contributors on windows community

These people listed below are some of the greatest contributors on windows community (please note that these people are listed in a random order). Thank you so much for your input! EDIT I am now working to add little bio sort of things next to the names. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anne Bud - Known for her deep, resonating, and emoji filled posts. Rudy Toth - Known for his large and informative posts, each representing a obvious sense of personality. Leprechaun - Known for his/her kind and gentle posts, as well as his/her beautiful avatar/thumbnail. krzysztof - PROGRAMER!!! ANIME!!! MANGA!!! Reza - Known for being an windows insider, as well as his/her kind and resourceful words. Kam Paul Trini - She's from microsoft; what more do you want? John S Dallyn Clayton (Myself, requested by Leprechaun) - Know for his unquenchable love for foxes, as well as the fox emoji he puts at the end of each post. HotCakeX nuno silva I will continue to update this list. Have a good day!🦊