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John S

2 months ago

Type Cover Typing

Recently I bought a Surface Go2. After getting through a couple of PICNIC errors we are up and running nicely. Yea there are things I don't like, but overall I'm as happy as a cat at a dairy farm. I was on an app the other day that allows us to edit our input. When I tried to insert a symbol using the keyboard attached to my Go2, I was unable to insert anything. Right Click No "insert" I remembered that I had done this before, so I was stumped. Ah! I was on an Android tablet and the symbols were already there, along with some other sines that I needed. But I remembered something else too. When I took off the key board and pressed the Fn on the screen keyboard, the Omega sign popped up, and there were most of the inserts that I needed. So how can I using the type cover keyboard type in different signs, such as degrees or Omega just to name a couple, or do I have to remove the keyboard. I tried the windows+ctrl+o keyboard and that was just a duplicate of what I'm typing on now, so no joy.