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Michael J. Ellis

7 months ago

unusual problems with Windows 2004

Hey all, I had a couple of unusual problems when I updated my 2017 Surface Pro i5 to Windows 2004. I have three external WD passport drives (2.5 inch) connected via a USB hub on the surface dock, and after the update the drives would produce a loud clicking sound about every ten to fifteen minutes. I think it has to do with a power saving mode but changing those settings or turning them off with WD utilities did nothing to prevent the issue. They also seemed to never actually go to sleep with the lights blinking 3 times every 10 seconds or so. I have formatted the drives in exFAT. When I went back to Windows 1909, the problem stopped. Could this be something to do with the new windows search or indexing features? Also, and its small, but the onscreen keyboard got smaller when used in full QWERTY mode. It now has a border around the left and right edge of my screen and shrunk the keyboard to fit. It's not a big deal when using the surface in landscape mode, but it definitely is more difficult to use when in portrait mode. Thanks.