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krzysztof grzywna

10 months ago

Update ver. 2004 Let's hear about your problems.

There are always tricks and hacks to bypass some unwanted updates and their side effects, and the previous update made the sound volume go up to 80% ,this time as well 80%. Some of you experience it too, and for those like me using headphones it's no joke, especially that the level i listen to music etc. is seldom beyond 6%. (Feedback has been sent by me many weeks ago.) The 2004 version finally prevents me from using the old search, where the results get updated as i type in the file explorer search box, and ever since i was ok with the search being slow or not showing all results, it was ok as long i did not have to take additional steps in order to get to any results. As of today i am literally forced to perform one more action in order to obtain the search results, which as most of you know, is by either clicking on the arrow in the file explorer search box, or hitting the enter key on keyboard. I may mention the tool i found today that is not the best, but is not missing any file out of the search results, is fast & allows a lot customization. The name of that search tool is 'Everything.exe' and can be integrated in the shell menu as well as in the file explorer drop down menu or mouse right click. This thing can literally search for any file and despite being set to use index created by windows search, it shows all files. After clicking on 'rebuild' which creates index from scratch the 'Everything.exe' did still show all a 3rd party executable is capable of something widnows after all these years is not. This is just sad. The previous update asked me about location preferences and so on. Why do i have to select same check boxes each time? Now the last thing would be Cortana, which i disabled, but after the update not only the cortana symbol appeared on the taskbar, but cortana got enabled. Apparently Windows is about productivity, yet updates will not be complete unless i confirm some settings, and the search takes more time. Productivity?