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Praveen Kumar

7 months ago

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Safe / Not Secure?

As Windows 7 reached its end of support, All have to upgrade to Windows 10. Upgrading the PC could potentially damage the PC? Is it safe to upgrade the PC? Is it completely free / cost? Is it 100% way from official Microsoft? What is the way to upgrade? Media Creation tool / GWX (Get Windows 10)? if readers will have all of these questions. Here are the Steps. Step 1: Download Media Creation Tool and launch do the steps Go to the following site: and click "Download tool now" and download the tool. After finishing launch it. It will show Getting a few things ready, after that accept the terms. Then Wait and select Create installation Media. Step 2: Downloading Windows 10 Select the version, language, architecture. Or just leave recommended settings. Select ISO file, and give the location where to save the file. And it will start downloading the Windows 10 ISO file. After its downloaded go to step 3. Step 3: Installing Windows 10 After its downloaded, extract the iso file, find the setup and run the setup as administrator. It will install Windows (Make sure you install the needed updates). Step 4: Configuring Windows 10 After its installed, it will ask for settings, Configure it and Click next. Installed! Windows 10 is installed!