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Harold Thomas

a year ago

Use Scripts and Notepad to Make a Shutdown computer Shortcut

Some people have stated they wanted to be able to shutdown the computer from the desktop so I am going to tell you how; First you need to open Notebook and then click on File. Now click on new. You now have a blank page in front of you. What you're going to do next is write a simple piece of Script code to your new blank page. The Script is; @echo off shutdown -s -t 30 -c "shutting down within 30 sec" Once you have done this, you will then click on file again and then click on Save File As. A window will open up. What have to do is where it says Save as File Type, change it to all files. Now name the file Shutdown.bat. Once you have done this click next. You have just successfully created a Shortcut that you can place on your Desktop to Shutdown your computer. Simply go to where you saved the file and drag it to the Desktop. Here is the Scripts for Shutdown / Restart / Logoff; SHUTDOWN @echo off shutdown -s -t 30 -c "shutting down within 30 sec" RESTART @echo off shutdown -r -t 30 -c "Restart within 30 sec" LOGOFF @echo off shutdown -l -t 30 -c "Logoff within 30 sec" Just follow the above steps for each one. Happy Computing Everyone!