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Achal Gupta

*Edited 9 months ago

Was Windows Vista really a bad operating system?

After a 6 year drought from Microsoft, in 2007, Microsoft launched its new operating system: Vista. Right off the bat its system requirements were higher simply because of the great features that it had up its sleeve. Most people regarded many of the new features as unnecessary and termed it as bloatware, which I would consider unreasonable. Undoubtedly, Vista had its fair share of bugs and issues, but nothing is perfect, right? Mainly the reason that I think that Vista had all these bugs and issues was probably due to the fact that Microsoft was probably pressed for time, as they reset development of what was supposed to be Vista, also known to some as Windows Codename Longhorn. This time pressure may have resulted in Microsoft attempting to hurry the launch as I believe that XP was starting to get a little outdated. Furthermore, I believe that consumers also let their hopes a little too high, understandibly, since Microsoft had not launched a new version in 6 years, evoking thoughts that Microsoft was working on something really big. Honestly speaking, we should not really vent at the bad things about Vista, because if you look at modern operating systems, features that set them apart from legacy operating systems, whether you talk about looks, design, functionality, or redundancy were mainly pioneered in Windows Vista. Even competing operating systems can be found with features that first appeared in Vista. This just goes to say that if Vista did not exist, or if such an OS was not made, then modern tools that are ubiquitous and taken for granted would have not existed. So in conclusion, Vista had its bugs and issues, and was not well recieved, and it makes sense, but Vista is the sturdy foundation of modern OSes, and it is that huge leap of faith which paid off in its twin successor, aka everyone's favorite version of Windows, the beloved Windows 7, which is just Vista 2.0 with more consistency if you ask me. Thank you for taking your time to read this essay!