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10 months ago

We need more details!

Hello Windows Community. I am making this post to ask everyone, please for the love of god. You need to understand that we here are not AI, we do not simply understand random words. To be able to help we need actual helpful information regarding your issues, not just random words randomly put in a sentence! If you say ''My computer is slow for no reason'', you are not helping us help YOU. Yes I can give you A LOT of troubleshooting steps, but isn't it going to be better if you just provided some more valuable information. 1. When did the problem occur, and have you done something that might be the reason for the issue? 2. What version are you running of Windows 3. Is it a laptop or a Desktop...etc. Information like this is extremely helpful, because sometimes no one can help you, if you are the only one who understands the thing that you have written! Please try to make sure there is no spelling mistakes that will make your message unreadable! Make sure you have (in detail) explained your issue. Make sure you have given enough info that we can understand, there is nothing like TOO much details when it comes to such problems! The more details you give us, the better and faster we will be able to help. I am extremely annoyed when I see so many confused people like me here, just because someone was too ''lazy'' to write two more sentences! I am always trying to answer, but sometimes I can not, and most of the times I can not because I do not understand your issue! How do you expect us to understand if even Google struggles to find results. Please, be more careful when explaining your issues. I am not trying to look like I am the smartest guy, but I think we can all agree that it is annoying not being able to help just because we simply do not understand the issue 🤔 Thank you for the time spent, wish you all an amazing rest of the year 😀