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Reza Ameri

a year ago

What Do You Think About Skype?

Nowadays we are in situation where we should participate in social distancing and that's leads us to relay on Social Media ,Instance Messages and other means to do remote communication. Skype is great program to communicate remotely and if both parties have a device which Skype could be installed on it, they could have a Video and Voice call communication. Skype is also good if you just want to have quick chat with someone who doesn't have Skype and you could send invitation link and they could join the chat using browser without installing Skype. In worse case, when the other party doesn't have Smart Phone, Internet Connection or there is other issue, you could purchase Skype credit and call Skype to Landline or Cellphone which is available for most places around the world. I am Wondering, are you using Skype? Why? Why not? If you are using different technology, please name it and tell us why you are using it?