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Peter Clarkin

2 years ago

What is Productivity?

I'm often baffled by the way people use the word "productivity". It would seem I may have the wrong idea of the definition of productivity. In my view, productivity describes the most direct way to achieve a desired result. It means, responding to a request with a direct action towards producing the desired result : eg: "open the window", should cause someone to open the window. Conversely, when I ask Microsoft to do something , I usually get a response in the form of a question. " Are you sure that's what you want me to do?" or perhaps, " Do you have the authority to request that ?" Very often, on the internet, I get an even more non-productive response. " Sorry, we cannot find that site" or another inane response is , " We notice you are using an ad blocker. We'd like to give you the opportunity to remove it or disable it so we can feed you the kind of crap you put the ad blocker in place to prevent ." Am I wrong in assuming that Microsoft is asking me to remove my,"productivity" measures so they can waste more of my time with unsolicited sales pitches instead of doing what I asked them to do?