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a year ago

What is the best laptop for art students?

See what the college you are going to requires you to get. Some unfortunately will ask you to buy a Macbook. In which case just get a macbook, nothing much you can do there. If not then see what software you are required to use? If you need to use something like Adobe Creative suite then you will need a powerful laptop with a modern CPU and optionally a dedicated graphics card. CPU is more important though. You will need at least 8–12 Gb of Ram. Never go below 8Gb. A high resolution screen is also important. At least 1080p with good color. Finally you need to pick your poison (OS). On a non macbook laptop you have 3 good choices. Windows 7, Windows 10, or Linux. Which one depends on the software you will be using. If you are using something dependent on Windows then you should probably get windows 10 or windows 7. Windows 10 has all the latest features and updates. Windows 7 is solid and relatively more lightweight. If however you are not using software dependant on windows then you might consider installing Linux. Ubuntu Studio is a linux distribution tailored to digital artists. It comes preinstalled with a full arsenal of useful tools for Graphics design, photography, video editing, compositing, animation, Digital music production, and Publishing. It’s very modern and fast and it’s 100% free and open source. You can test it out without installing if you want. If you don’t need to use windows you can save money using linux.