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Tikno G

*Edited 6 months ago

What is your best protection for your computer

This is the logic. Antivirus makers update their software. At that time the makers of virus, malware, spyware also improve their techniques. Like Tom & Jerry. We as ordinary users were among them without knowing who has stepped forward in their competition. The question is: Are you sure that an antivirus can protect your system 100% ??? For that reason, I'm just sharing my tips here: 1) Avoid porn sites (teasing the basic human instinct is a clever way to deploy a virus). 2) Avoid gambling sites. 3) Avoid downloading pirated software. 4) Avoid the site offering lure of gifts. 5) Turn on antivirus automatic update. 6) Only install trusted or widely-known software. 7) Only plug in external storage devices that you know where it come from. At least you can detect the culprit if your system get infected. Where it come from. 8) As much as possible, avoid connecting your computer to public networks. Use tethering to your own smartphone if necessary. 9) etc ..... and so on ..... please sharing your tips. Thank you! The chances of threat to computer system much depend on user. Narrowing its chances is the best protection if we can't block it 100%. That's just my opinion. Please sharing if you have another way.