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*Edited 2 months ago

What Windows System do to your PC/Laptop?

πŸ€” Have you ever wondered, what was happening inside your PC/Laptop if leave it power on for 10 minutes straight without doing anything or any open app/s. If you want to know. βœ” Open your TASK MANAGER (right click on the taskbar, choose Task Manager). βœ” click PROCESSES (if you don't see it, click MORE DETAILS on the bottom left). βœ” click either CPU, MEMORY, DISK or anything except name (lots to choose, if you right click one of those there is e.i. PROCESS NAME, PID, etc). βœ” leave it for 5 to 10 minutes (don't touch your mouse, keyboard & be sure your screen saver, is set more than at least 10 minutes. Sit & Relax you are the boss, let the manager do its job). *** Percentage(>10%) or colors changed, when it is working at your watch. *** Wait until percentage or colors normalize e.i. <5%. For RAM no movement. *** If a CERTAIN INSTALLED APP/s at the top of the list even you didn't use it, meaning it is RUNNING ON THE BACKGORUND with or without your knowledge. Here is the list of your TASK MANAGER DO. βœ” open EVENT VIEWER (type in the search box, EVENT VIEWER) βœ” click WINDOWS LOGS βœ” click SYSTEM (all KERNEL-GENERAL source, that's what your manager do). ENJOY!! HOWS YOUr MANAGER DOING ITS TASK...(that is why its called THE TASK MANAGER)