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a year ago

Which is The Best Window For A Small Business Owner?

Hello, I am currently using Windows 8 but this is not because I really liked Windows 8 and its performance but the real reason for installing in my Pc is that in 2013. When I first bought my Pc then Windows 8 is so much popular and new to its edition in my country and so without any proper investigation and reading any informative blog I just go with Windows 8. Then after 1 or 2 years, I release that Windows 8 is not as great as people thought in the past or if we just simply compared it with Windows 7. I want to shift to Windows 7 but before it an another Windows edition appeared and everyone just surprised and it becomes popular version too at that time, Yes I am talking about Windows 10. Now I am reading hundreds of articles to decide which version is the best for me. I am a beginner so I have no proper knowledge about this stuff but I want reliable and best Windows for me. I am handling several clients' projects or say I am a small businessman so on basis of this which windows are best for my work? Thanks for giving me a platform to ask my query.