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Dale Miller

6 months ago

Why ? Have not anyone come up with a solution...?

Hello...Greeting smile!! Yes, that is a question, Why not ? Just think of the powerful impact this would have... 1. To be able to use headset/mic in a gaming world,working with the "CC" that is short for "Close Captions", as you see on most T.V. platforms for the Deaf and Hard-Of-Hearing world. But, does it end there, NO it does not... 2. While yet it is a small spectrum of people who rely on having to read lips or a simple text messages on their phones/T.V. It does not stop there, for could be of a different nationality ,not knowing the language/s of whom they are trying to listen to and how to gain a understanding of... could simply put on the headset with a mic, and presto the language/s can be understood by both parties, because of the languages barrier/s is now understood as a 'minor obsequy"....Now no longer is there a barrier to not understand a unknown language/s. 3. Or simply wanting to have no sound, but just a text messages ,and a piece of mind knowingly that you will have a record of the conversation/s with... *the market is open to something new and bold. Why not give this a starter in an known format as in CC. Thank you for reading this, And please help those who have great better the world now and tomorrow.