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Valtteri Tarvainen

2 years ago

Why I can't find Windows as comfortable to use as Linux

I use Windows only for some games, and if Windows 10 had more features, I could use it on daily basis, but at the moment it is missing a few very important features. First problem is filesystem support. Windows 10 supports only very few different filesystems, which means I can't access devices like my Raspberry Pi's SD card, and also NTFS isn't actually very good filesystem. Second thing is, I can't customize Windows 10 enough. (PLEASE tell me if any of following features exist, I would love to use them!) I would like to set custom shortcuts for moving/managing windows, and I would love to have at least partly similar behavior as tiling window managers on Linux have, by which I mean that by default, program would open full-sized (not fullscreen though), but if I open another program, it would automatically split the windows. Also, I find it actually harder to search programs from internet, and then download an installer, then run it to get the program installed, and then being able to use it. On Linux (I use Arch Linux btw.) there is a thing called package management, so with package manger I can search for programs and install them straight away, and then instantly being able to use them. Also through package manager I can update all my packages = whole operating system and all programs (which are installed via package management). Also I can't do as much stuff on Windows CMD or powershell as I can in Linux terminal, and especially on Arch I like that I've hand-picked each part of system, so I know what it can do, and what it contains. And in Linux terminal, with sudo (or root user) I have the rights over all the operating system. I understand that some of these will never be accomplished in Windows, but I hope that at least some of these will be picked up as an actual suggestions. If I had to select three things to include from these, they would be package management, filesystem support and waaayy more customization options.