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John S

*Edited a year ago

Why I Love Office 365 Personal

I've mentioned before in here, what I thought some of the advantages of a subscription to Office 365 were. Office 365 was updated this morning, and after having a couple of cups of coffee I decided to see what the update was all about. While reading through it I noticed a section called Share Files, and clicked on File Transfer. The feature has always been there I'm just a little slow on the uptake to notice it and see how it works. So for those of you that already Know about it and how to use it, move on, nothing new to see or read hear, unless you can add something? Thank you very much! That would be appreciated. I no longer have any Office programs like Excel, Word, or PowerPoint on the home screens of my Android Phone, and Kindle (9th Gen.) Fire 10. Instead, I have Office 365, along with Outlook, and OneNote. Besides looking good, it frees up clutter too. So what did I find out this morning? Well, it's a little thing called Transfer Files. Pretty nifty really. send or receive file from your computer, by simply scanning QR Code from your computer. Nice! Since Most of my file live in OneDrive I probably won't make use of this often, but for those files that live on my desktop this will make transferring them a snap. There's also another feature in that same Shared Files Group called Share Nearby, that I haven't played with yet. If you use Office 365 or is it now Microsoft 365 check it out!