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David Purl

a year ago

Why is the Microsoft Rewards page so problem ridden?!

Microsoft Rewards...a great incentive...that is, when it works! Why are the so many buggy issues on this page? I've had 2 simultaneous issues lately. The most annoying is the Rewards Monthly Quest incentive. In January, I completed all punch card requirements, including the mobile search. It showed 4/4 weeks completed on all searches and daily sets, but the green arrow never showed, and I did not get the 500 point bonus. the February Quest, the mobile searches are not being counted again (Microsoft acknowledged this bug in January's Quest, and claimed to fix it...however, even though the 4/4 weeks showed completed, the green completion arrow never showed!) This month, February, the same problem is occurring and mobile searches are not registering! These are just a couple of the long list of bugs on the Rewards page. Another bug last month was the quiz deselection issue...when they asked for 5 selections to a question, the answers would deselect the previous selection each time...only allowing one selection and not completing the answer to the quiz question. Why so many bugs and issues on the Rewards Page?! Will these ever work correctly? Microsoft only knows! Why offer rewards if Microsoft doesn't make good on their offer?!