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Anthony Portillo

7 months ago

Why isn't there a level 3 or more for Microsoft Rewards????

I have been a loyal user of Bing. Everyday I use Bing on my laptop and phone, on the Microsoft Edge web browser--including quizzes and polls--in order to, maximize the amount of points I can receive on a daily basis. This permits me to earn a high amount of points in one month, upgrading me from level 1 into level 2; however, that is the highest level--not unless you have level 2 + Xbox Live Gold, but I can not afford an Xbox unfortunately. Anyways, I strongly believe there should be more levels, such as a level 3 that either includes more benefits or it enhances current benefits, such as: an increases in daily Bing search point limit, Bing search bonus daily cap for Microsoft Edge, Points earned per $ spent in Microsoft Store online, etc. As previously mentioned, establishing new Rewards level perks is not a bad idea also, ideas such as a separate and exclusive redeem store section with different and new gift cards available to receive by exchanging points or, if it is not too much to ask, a one-on-one conversational chat with a Microsoft Engineer to discuss their experience and their field of work because I believe that is a valuable incentive and resource to be available for college students who seek to find themselves working for Microsoft.