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Mark Leier

2 years ago

Will Microsoft ever re-launch Windows based phone(s)?

I for one,and with great certainty, am unhappy with the Google/Android cabal. I currently own and use an Android based phone, because I don't like the costs and controls inherent to the Apple World. The Chrome "Operating System" and Google browser are tools for the data mining hordes that are Alphabet/Google/Chrome/Android. I make every attempt to shut-off, delete, and never use Google based products; still they track my location(s), and attempt to force recommendations to my phone. I turn-off all location and data sharing options daily. Every time I charge my phone Android resets my defaults. I use Microsoft Launcher, Edge, Bing et al; because I choose to limit access (whenever I am able) and believe that the Microsoft people are slightly more trustworthy, and have treated better since the 1970's. When attempting to use Bing Maps, via Android phone, I am often blocked or switched/defaulted to Google Maps, and all Android location services are switched-on. I daily get Google/Android push notices telling to adopt the Android way of life. When first introduced, I saw little green Android droid as a cute logo. I now believe that it a symbol of semi-conscious forced assimilation. Whatever happened to the "Don't Be Evil" header? Have they collectively choked on the Irony of the very Idea? Mister Gates and Microsoft have accepted Android as the "Winner", in regards a mobile platform. I am using Android "only " because there appears NO viable option(s). I currently see Huawei and Alphabet/Google/Android as being equally "Trustworthy", and only marginally different in motivation for controls.