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krzysztof grzywna

*Edited a year ago

win10 ver 2004, folder options bug? (fixed)

(Edit, not bad, not even 30hrs from first update with the bug and another updates that fix it were available) build 2019.10.17.6232201; Control panel -> File Explorer Options-> tab 'View' or any file explorer window -> tab 'View' -> Options-> Change Folder and search options both open almost same settings, and the 'Advanced settings' apply in both cases to all folders; now when i select 'Show hidden files, folders, or drives' and unselect 'Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)' which asks for confirmation, then i click on 'Apply' and 'OK' nothing happens, i go back to File Explorer Options-> tab 'View' , and what i selected & unselected before has been undone, i repeat everything once more and now the hidden files appear and the advanced settings has been successfully altered, however if i want to hide all those files again, i need to repeat it twice in order for it to work; can anyone confirm if it happens on his/her PC as well?