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Joseph Zitz

*Edited a year ago

Windows 10 100% Disk Usage

Hi Everyone, I have been having recent problems with many computers that are running 100% disk usage. My computer is not running this, but my brother's computer (lenovo thinkpad X131e) is running 100% all the time. I fully cleaned the drive, and disabled Windows Search and SySmain (aka Superfetch), and alot of other things. It seems to work now, but still is not like a new computer. I jumps to 100% when opening a basic app like Microsoft Edge. The only time when it is low is when idiling with no programs open. (still at 10 - 20%). I also have another computer that is running the same thing (Lenovo iDeapad 310). Does anyone know why this happens? My dad has a Lenovo P910 that is 5 years old, and runnig windows 10 Pro. This does not have the 100% disk usage though. Is it different versions of windows?? The thinkpad and ideapad are both windows 10 home. THank you for your time! Joseph