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David Quinn

a year ago

Windows 10 and SSDs

My PC, about a year old, has a 128GB SSD, which is of course my C-drive. It was almost full,tt all but about 6 GB, because that's the way Dell set it up. Much of it is system but a lot is apps and there are also temp files. When the latest W10 update came along it insisted I did not have enough space on to install it. It said I could use the D drive but then seemed to ignore that and I had to start clearing apps and temp data off the c drive, with what damage I am not yet sure. It took ages and after I had done the update the c drive is no fuller than before the update so it looks like the update was using the c drive for workspace. Does MS not know about SSDs and the fact that they are likely to be full or do I blame Dell for the way they set it up. Of course once an app is on the SSD it is near impossible to move it to the D drive (which is near empty). D Quinn