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a year ago

Windows 10 dll hooking and other issues

So I believe that my home PC running Win10Pro 64 has been exploited using various advanced methods inc .dll hooking, user impersonation, SYSTEM account hijacking and lots more!! Also style sheets have been used to hide and mask certain menus, options, toolbars. In chrome, ms store, AV, and more. I have been trying to figure it all out for a few months now and have collected loads of data screenshots, desktop video recordings etc. I have rebuilt the PC and clean installed about 5 times and it always slowly comes back. Even with Bitdefender 2020 and malware-bytes and zone alarm free firewall. I also seem to be able to run Windows server commands from the cmdline, which as far as I know only apply to RDSH or Terminal servers. Has anyone got any insight, or seen anything on their Windows 10 that looks slightly different or out of place? Found any worrying log files or Folders in %temp% Also I seem to have a family icon next to my Device in my MS account?! I haven't setup family, and cant view anything in Windows 10 family options and on the website it says its not set up?