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a year ago

Windows 10 Firewall and Security Centre along with Edge

Improvements needed in the following areas; 1.MAC Filtering and Auditing. - (Windows Firewall (and security center ) 2.Content Filtering in LAN based Networks. (do) 3.Password or any other forms of protection of Windows Firewall (and security center along with edge) configurations to minimize intentional tampering. (do) 4.Centralised Dashboard with statistical monitoring of web and network traffic (do) 5.Web Filtering integrated into windows firewall , also connected as a pre installed Edge feature. 6.Edge should incorporate ad blocking - pre installed. 7.Default enable https on edge. 8.Compress windows updates for these improvements including other updates to ensure minimum bandwidth utilization on low end machines and networks. Thank you. © protected feature improvement request. (G.S.D.Wanigaratne) 2020