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Angelo Salerno

7 months ago

Windows 10 Home - System32 Folder is missing a file

I am trying to help my sister with an issue she is having. Issue is not able to install a printer software on her Surface Pro X OS is Windows 10 Home 64Bit. I downloaded the correct version but getting an error message relating to DIFxAPI.dll file On three different laptops Two being Windows 10 and Onw being Windows 7 I noticed that the DIFxAPI.dll file is located in the System32 folder On all three laptops when I hover the cusor on that file it says Microsoft. However, this file is not on my sister's Surface Pro X I tried sfc /scannow and still not able to install the software. Is there a reliable website to download the missing file? Can I copy the file from a Windows 10 laptop onto hers? Any help would be helpfully