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a month ago

Windows 10 is one of the longest serving Windows.

As many remember the older Versions. They came and went. Windows started in the middle 80s with Windows 1, lasted 2 years, Windows2 for 3 years, 95 lasted 3 years, 98 only 2. The same time started the NT-Basis, in 93 NT 3,1 for a couple of years followed by NT 3.5 for another year, and NT3.51 the same. ME went even over 6 years, NT4 only 2, 2000 only one year. The much remembered XP lasted 5 years, Vista did 3 the same as Windows 7. Windows 8 was only in for a year, then came 8.1 for 2 years, and ever since 2015 we have Windows 10 in its 6th year. So no other popular version was the actual one for sale, for so long. And we still refer to it as the new one, 😋