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7 months ago

Windows 10 October 2020 20H2 Release Date ?

Hello Fellow Windows Community Members, I heard that Windows 10's next update ( Window 10 "October" 2020 20H2 ) is Now in testing and will be released to us Very Soon. Perhaps as early as next month as a regular small cumulative update. The article said that the ISO will arrive first, and then a gradually rollout in fazes to the general public's systems. ( Just like May's 2004 update did ) I for one am looking forward to this new build, However!... I look forward to ALL of Microsoft's Updates and Improvements 😊. I also heard that in this next release we will be saying "Goodbye" to the old Edge Browser and only have the New Chromium Edge Browser. ( Which I prefer and use every day anyways ). Has anyone heard a Official Release Date from Microsoft? What are your thoughts on the upcoming Update? Pros/Cons