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Neraj Nagar

7 months ago

Windows 10 takes long time to show desktop screen

Hello All, I use winodws 10 licensed version will all the latest updates installed. I am facing a strange issue with my desktop. Fresh windows boots very fast. Gradually the boot times gets increased. Right now the issues is: Enter password screen appears within 30 seconds to 1 minutes. After entering the password it takes up to 10 min to show desktop. Mostly its a black screen and hard disk running all the time. After desktop screen, system works fine. There is no issue. Shutdown process is normal. Maximum time for shutdown is 1 min. as lots of applications running. Restart has the same issue as startup. For 5 to 10 min. it shows please wait, then boot from zero and again delay of password screen. I have tried all the things available on internet to repair. No 3rd party tool used. It is difficult to format system everymonth as sometimes data loss happnes. System Config. i5 - 2320 cpu @ 3GHz 64Bit windows 10 RAM: 4+4GB Display: NVIDIA 1GB. 1TB HDD + 120GB HDD I have tried with main HDD also. I removed all the BIG apps and tried. But there is no luck with the boot time. I request you to please suggest a solution. Cheers, Neraj