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G Pete

a year ago

Windows Audio Endpoint Builder & Audio Device Trouble

Does anyone else have huge RAM memory and CPU "Very High" activity in Win 10 now? I am talking about the above process (Audio Device is under heading "Net Service").......which you can see using Task Manager. So just using my computer normally, while running this Microsoft Community , or when running a game such as Java Minecraft........I am seeing anywhere from 200 megabytes to 3 gigabytes of RAM usage and CPU usage of 20% to 60% of CPU usage. Right NOW as I am typing Task Manager says I am using 900 mb memory in Endpoint Builder and 806 mb in Audio Device (48% Memory)- 54% CPU usage in Endpoint Builder and Audio Device. This seems unbelievably over the top usage on my 16 gig Ram, AMD-FX6300 cpu machine. I AM NOT LISTENING TO AUDIO.....I AM NOT TALKING IN MS TEAM, I am only typing this post in Microsoft Community.. Whilst playing Jave Minecraft I have had the game crash- checking Audio Endpoint and Audio Device I see them running 90% of Memory and 88% of Audio Device.... What other tasks is the Audio Device doing? Is it running some other type of operation that is unstated? Thanks for any comments....if you check the web you will find many other people talking about the same subject!