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Kathleen Oprandy

9 months ago

Windows Defender anti-virus

Hi all - 1st time posting, I think. On my new HP computer - Windows 10 - I confirmed that Windows Defender anti-virus is turned on, and uninstalled McAfee trial that came with the computer, as I've read was advised to prevent a Trojan virus sneaking inbetween the 2 protections. TWO QUESTIONS: (1) Is Windows Defender all that should be required, for a casual-use, at-home pc, or do users get a second anti-virus program to back it up? and (2) My (paid) McAfee subscription ran out on my OLD (now only occasionally used) Windows 10 PC. Is there anyway a virus could get into that computer, and transfer over to my NEW pc, since the devises are apparently synced? TIA!