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9 months ago

Windows Insiders

Hi Everyone! My name is Jennifer. I've been an Insider in the Fast Ring since April 2018. I just started Post University Monday, taking BS Computer Information Systems!! I didn't know a thing about computers a few years ago, until I got a refurbished Windows 7 & began experimenting, (I kinda blew that one up).. got a Windows 10 & discovered the Insiders Program... WOW!!! I was hooked!! Thanks, Microsoft for giving me the opportunity to become an Insider. I was able to decide on a learning path I love & go back to school at 46yrs old!!! My goal is to earn my Bachelors & go into Tech Support, I love troubleshooting & enjoy seeing smiles when I get someones laptop or phone up & running again ( I have become Tech Support for my entire family)!!! Wish me luck!!!