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John Seoane

5 months ago

Windows Nov 2020 update is a complete fail.

I updated a few days ago and now my computer hardly works, it stays in 100% disk and update window will not come up, i wanted to delete this new update and i cant. Microsoft should be sued for selling a very unstable operating system and getting it right one month and then the next update takes you to the world of instabilities and windows looping endlessly. Microsoft has become the worst and windows 10 is a complete fail. Every year you keep updating and you keep making it worse.... Before this update it was doing ok stable. Now with this update i can hardly use my computer. I see a major law suit in the horizon. I think my next computer has to be a mac... I think it time to get away from PC and Microsoft. I am sure a lot of people are losing money because of all of Microsoft failed programming. It looks like you guys do not know what your doing any more..... Fire all of the programmers that worked on this update. YOU NO LONGER KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING..... We lose money, at the end you are going to lose it all...