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krzysztof grzywna

*Edited 8 months ago

Windows Photos blocking images after edit

Usually when downloading files from tze internet, Windows 10 will block them. This can be prevented if one would disable security by turning the Windows Defender completely off, which you do not want to do. It's all nice and fun until you move files from other devices to your PC, which i did from my phone via WiFi. Surprisingly no picture was blocked....until i used Photos app to edit a picture, after which i clicked on 'save copy'. Needless to mention, the most useful function in editing pictures is the 'clarity' , this does some amazing things with a picture. But now, after saving a copy i wanted to compare the original vs the new one, and so i opened the original picture and used mouse wheel to go to the next picture, and the new picture got skipped. I immediately checked the properties, bcoz windows apps may not open files if those are blocked. I am now wondering, how come the app designed to replace Photo Viewer, changes the files so that they are being recognized as a threat? Why did windows block a file changed by a windows app????? 😅 Of course the blocked picture opens, but then i can not toggle between pictures. Does someone care to try it out? *Edit* Blocked pictures may not be used for lock screen but can be used as a wallpaper.