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Black Clouds

3 months ago

Windows Ten One Oh One

1. How to know if your DRIVERS are verified/signed in Windows 10. -> In the SEARCH BOX, type SIGVERIF & hit enter ** After the process it will show you HOW MANY DRIVERS is VERIFIED, SIGNED, UNSIGNED, & NOT SCANNED or VIEW THE LOG by click ADVANCE -- VIEW LOG. It takes more or less 3 minutes. 2. How to know your OVERALL PC/LAPTOP HEALTH. -> In the SEARCH BOX, type PERFMON /REPORT & hit enter ** It will show AUTOMATICALLY the overall health of your PC/Laptop in 60 seconds. ** If NOT, CLOSE the process(its ok) then type COMPUTER MANAGEMENT in the search box. Click PERFORMANCE --> REPORTS --> SYSTEM --> SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC (the bottom or last entry is the latest reports) <-- I used this method for it doesn't produce report automatically in my unit. WHAT or WHO ELSE NEED A THIRD PARTY APP/S for your PC/Laptop??